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Egyptian Presidential Election Leaders Seek Support In June Runoff Vote


A combo photo shows Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi (left) and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq
Egypt's presidential election front-runners were vying for deals with rival candidates on May 27 ahead of a June runoff vote between an Islamist and a Mubarak-era minister.

Unofficial results suggest the top two candidates are the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi and former Egyptian Air Force commander Ahmed Shafiq, who also was the last prime minister under ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

The expected third place candidate from the first round vote on May 23-24 is alleging irregularities.

Hamdin Sabbahi, from the leftist Al-Karamah party, charges that conscripts voted illegally.

Early results suggest Sabbahi was trailing the leaders by about 700,000 votes.

Early on May 27, the count showed Mursi with 25.3 percent of the vote while Shafiq had 24.9 percent.

Official first round results are expected May 29.

Based on reporting by AFP, Reuters, and AP

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