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Merkel Calls For EU Unity On Refugee Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged European leaders to find a joint solution to the ongoing refugee crisis.

In an interview with ARD television on February 28, Merkel said there is "no Plan B" if leaders fail to agree with Turkey on how to slow the flow of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere into Europe.

She also said Europe cannot allow Greece, a country that recently received a major bailout from the EU, to cause "chaos" by closing its borders.

Nonetheless, Merkel added that she was "very optimistic" that Europe will stand together and cope with the crisis.

"This is a very important phase in our history," she said.

European and Turkish leaders are set to meet on March 7 to discuss the crisis, which brought more than 1 million people to Europe during 2015.

Based on reporting by AFP, dpa, and Reuters