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Kabul Opposes Foreign Prisons In The Country

Prison officials stand guard during a visit by local and international media at a Kabul prison.
The Afghan National Security Council says foreign countries cannot arrest Afghans or run prisons inside the country.

In a statement on December 3, the council said such facilities violate Afghan sovereignty.

The statement appears to be in response to Britain's decision last week to suspend handovers of suspected insurgents held by British troops to Afghan security forces.

London expressed concerns about possible abuse and torture of prisoners by Afghan authorities.

On December 2, President Hamid Karzai ordered Afghan security agencies to investigate the presence of British-run prisons in Afghanistan and to move to take them over without delay.

In March, the Afghan government signed a deal with the United States on the control of prisons in the country, but the British government was not a part of the agreement.

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