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Kazakhstan To Tap Shale-Gas Potential

Kazakhstan will search for shale-gas deposits, but mines like the Lenin coal mine in the town of Shakhtinsk will be working until 2030 at least.
At a government session on March 13, Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Karim Masimov ordered geological exploration to seek deposits of shale gas in the country as soon as possible.

Kazakhstan's Minister of Industry and New Technologies Aset Isekeshev told the session his ministry was already considering use of shale gas as an energy supply for the country.

Isekeshev noted that shale gas "is a promising innovation that is developing in the U.S." and added that Kazakhstan would "study these technologies to see what effect they can have on the development of the Kazakh energy industry."

But Isekeshev was cautious, predicting coal would remain the primary source of fuel for the country's main power stations until at least 2030 due to the large coal reserves in Kazakhstan.

Isekeshev said Kazakhstan would be using some 150 million tons of coal per year until then to keep power stations working.

With ITAR-TASS and Kazinform reports