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Moscow Police Search TV Channel’s Offices, Seize Program

REN-TV is a popular, privately owned television channel.
Moscow police have carried out a search of the offices of Russia's popular, privately-owned REN-TV channel.

Police said they seized a record of a 2009 television program about the activities of the Russian Antifa antiracism movement as a result of the raid on April 4.

Police said they wanted to secure a record of the program as part of a probe into alleged hooliganism.

No further details were immediately provided.

REN-TV editors confirmed that a record of the program was seized, and complained that they had not received any communications in advance from police regarding the program.

Editors said the company would have voluntarily provided police with a copy of the program if authorities had officially requested one.

Antifa has previously endured violent attacks by Russian nationalists and police harassment.

Based on reporting by Interfax and Itar-TASS