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'Wall Street' Protests Continue In London


Protesters break the window of a bank during a demonstration in Rome on October 15.
More than 200 protesters have camped outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London, saying they will occupy the site indefinitely as part of worldwide protests against the global economic crisis.

Dozens of police officers surrounded the small tent camp set up outside the cathedral as protesters spent the night on the street in preparation for continued protests today.

Giles Fraser, the operational manager at St. Paul's, said the protests had been peaceful.

"I think people have a right to protest, and I'm very happy that people have a right to protest. And people are being generally respectful," Fraser said. "I've asked the police to move off the steps and they're doing so. They're going to be doing so in a second. And it seems to be everything is calm and all is well."

The London demonstration, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States, began October 15 when several thousand people gathered in the city's financial district to voice objection to corporate greed.

Similar protests were held on October 15 some 950 cities worldwide.

The biggest and most violent demonstration took place in Rome, where police used tear gas and water cannons to repel hundreds of protesters who were setting cars on fire, throwing rocks, and smashing bank windows.

The Vatican has condemned the violence as "horrific."

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