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Tensions In Pakistani Town After Muslims Dig Up Hindu Grave

A Pakistani Hindu carries oil lamps on the occasion of Diwali. Sindh Province is home to most of Pakistan's small Hindu community.
Tensions are mounting in a southern Pakistani town after Islamic fundamentalists dug up the grave of a Hindu man.

Police said on October 8 that the unrest in the town of Pangrio in the southern Sindh Province flared after an Islamist party, Ahle Sunaat Wal Jamaat, objected to the burying of a Hindu man in a Muslim graveyard.

Local police chief Shaukat Ali Khatian said a Muslim crowd dug up the body and dragged it through the streets of Pangrio.

Hindus and Muslims have coexisted in Sindh for centuries. They have lived side by side and shared graveyards but the rise of Islamist extremists in rural Sindh has inflamed tensions.

The province is home to most of Pakistan's small Hindu community. They number an estimated 2 million among a population of 180 million.

Based on reporting by Reuters and BBC Urdu