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Karachi Holds Repeat Vote Despite Killing

Supporters of Pakistani politician Imran Khan marched on May 13 in protest against alleged vote rigging in the voting in Karachi two days earlier.
Voters in Pakistan's port city of Karachi have cast ballots in a partial rerun of the country's general election.

The May 19 vote in the constituency known as NA-250 was held amid tight security, after a senior woman politician from Imran Khan's party was killed on the eve of the fresh voting.

There was no official estimate of voter turnout.

Khan's Pakistan Movement for Justice party (Pakistan-e Insaf, or PTI) had alleged fraud by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the dominant party in Karachi, in the May 11 general election.

Khan also blamed the MQM -- and indirectly the British government -- for the killing of Zohra Shahid Hussain, who was gunned down outside her Karachi home.

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There has been no claim of responsibility for Hussain's murder, and police said the motive behind the shooting was unclear.

Some 1,000 mourners, including PTI party activists, reportedly attended Hussain's funeral in Karachi late on May 19.

Based on reporting by dpa and AFP