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Pakistan Bans Cheap Mobile-Phone Calling Packages On Moral Grounds

A woman talks on her mobile phone in Rawalpindi. (file photo)
Pakistani authorities have ordered mobile-phone operators to discontinue cheap calling packages to stop youth from indulging in activities "contrary to the moral values of society."

Starting September 2, the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) said mobile-phone companies should stop all discounted packages of free airtime and text messages, which are hugely popular among young people.

The PTA said the decision was made after many people complained that such packages corrupt young boys and girls by encouraging them to talk to each other freely.

Some lawmakers in parliament and provincial assemblies have also criticized such deals.

A legislator in the Punjab Assembly, Sheikh Allauddin, complained that "boys and girls talk the whole night on mobile phones and these packages are destroying the moral character of our youth."

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