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Pakistan Tests New Missile Capable Of Carrying Nuclear Weapons

A Pakistani military handout photograph from 2007 shows the nuclear-capable cruise missile Babur (Hatf VII) being test-fired from an undisclosed location.
Pakistan says it has successfully test-fired a new cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The Pakistani military said on September 17 that the Hatf-VII Babur missile with new "stealth features" was fired from a multi-tube launch vehicle.

It did not specify what the target was or how far away it was.

The missile reportedly has a range of some 700 kilometers.

The military described the Hatf-VII Babur as a "low-flying, terrain hugging missile which can strike targets at both land and sea with pinpoint accuracy."

It represents the sixth test of the Pakistani missile and comes after India unveiled its Agni V rocket earlier this year, also capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Based on reporting by AFP and dpa