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Prominent Russian Businessman Jailed On Controversial Charges Released

Businessman Aleksei Kozlov (center) embraces his wife Olga Romanova (left) and lawyer Alkhas Abgajava after his release from a penitentiary in Ivanovo on June 3.
The jailed husband of prominent Russian pro-reform activist Olga Romanova has been released.

Businessman Aleksei Kozlov was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to eight years in prison for fraudulent activities related to a business deal with a former member of parliament.

Kozlov has insisted that he was framed by his former business partner.

In 2011, the Russian Supreme Court dismissed his sentence and requested further investigation into his case.

Last year, his case was revised and he received a five-year sentence.

Russian opposition and business groups have called Kozlov's case politically motivated.

Kozlov, whose jail term was expected to end in July this year, told RFE/RL on June 4 that he planned to appeal his case and work on his full exoneration.

Kozlov added that he intended to continue his business activities.