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Scientists Say Carbon Pollution Continuing To Rise

Many scientists say the incidence of dangerous weather phenomena like hurricanes is already rising due to climate change.
A new report says that industrial carbon dioxide emissions rose an estimated 2.6 percent this year and 3 percent last year despite the global campaign to reduce such emissions, which are blamed for climate change.

The study released on December 3 by the Global Carbon Project says the overwhelming majority of the increase occurred in China.

That country's industries make it the world’s biggest carbon dioxide polluter.

The study found that of the world’s top 10 polluters, only the United States and Germany reduced their carbon dioxide emissions.

The study, published in the “Nature Climate Change” journal, warns that increasing emissions put the world on track toward higher temperatures and more droughts and powerful storms.

The study was released as representatives of more than 190 countries are attending talks in Qatar on how to respond to climate change.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters