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Snow Hinders Rescue Efforts After Pakistani Avalanche

Soldiers were using heavy machinery on April 9 to search for avalanche victims, including 124 soldiers, during rescue operations at the Siachen Glacier.
Bad weather is hampering rescue efforts at the site of an avalanche in Pakistan that buried at least 135 people over the weekend.

Snow continued to fall in the area, where a mass of ice and earth covered a Pakistani military complex near the border with India.

One report said more than 200 Pakistani troops and others had to halt rescue efforts at the site of the disaster in Siachen, which is on the northern tip of the divided Kashmir region claimed by both India and Pakistan. They are trying to dig through some 25 meters of snow, boulders, and mud.

The Pakistani Army says it is unclear whether anyone buried is still alive.

Based on reporting by dpa and RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal