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Video Shows Executions By Syrian Islamist Rebels

A video distributed by a pro-opposition Syrian monitoring organization purportedly shows fighters from an Al-Qaeda-linked rebel group in Syria executing supporters of President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The video was distributed on May 16 by the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It seems to show a masked man reading out a statement from the Al-Nusra Front before shooting dead at least nine blindfolded prisoners, one by one.

The executions were said to have taken place in the Deir Ezzor area in the country's east.

The Observatory said it was not clear whether the victims were Syrian government soldiers or when the executions took place.

The Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front is said to be one of the best-equipped and most active rebel groups fighting against Assad's regime in Syria.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP