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'Putin' Tiger Suspected in China Henhouse Attack

Chinese authorities have yet to track down Vladimir Putin's tiger, but they have run across what they suspect are the results of its actions: five chickens killed in a henhouse attack.

A Siberian tiger nicknamed Kuzya, one of three the Russian president released into the wild in May, was reportedly seen across the border in a Chinese nature reserve last week.

On October 14, TASS said Chinese border guards responding to villagers' reports of an attack on chickens "spotted a big
animal's tracks, feathers and blood near the broken henhouse fence."

Citing Xinhua, it reported that forestry officials said that the tracks belonged to a Siberian tiger, most likely Kuzya.

More than 60 cameras have been set up in the nature reserve.

The Siberian tiger is a threatened species, with some 450 left in the world.

Russia launched a plan in 2010 to protect Siberian tigers.

Based on reporting by TASS and Xinhua