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Reports: Trump Budget Proposal Ready, Includes Big Defense Hike

U.S. President Donald Trump

The U.S. administration will send out a budget proposal on February 27 that will include President Donald Trump’s promised increase in defense spending, Reuters and the Associated Press report, citing officials familiar with the matter.

The reports said budget cuts at the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other nondefense-related programs will partly fund the higher defense spending.

The White House is sending the 2018 budget to federal departments and agencies, which is one step in a long process. Agencies can argue for more funding, and Congress must approve the final budget.

Reuters cited one of the officials as saying Trump's proposed budget includes increased funding for military ships and aircraft and to establish "a more robust presence in key international waterways and choke points."

The State Department's budget could be slashed by as much as 30 percent, which would lead to a major revamp of the department and elimination of several programs, one of the officials said.

Reuters and AP said the officials were speaking on condition of anonymity. The White House had no immediate comment.

In a speech on February 24, Trump vowed to get funding for "one of the greatest military buildups in American history."

The specific increase to the annual defense budget of about $600 billion was not disclosed.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP