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UNICEF Says Diarrhea, Pneumonia Top Killers Of Children

Pakistan is among the countries with the highest rates of childhood deaths due to diarrhea and pneumonia.
A new report by the United Nations Children's Fund says pneumonia and diarrhea are among the top causes of childhood deaths around the world.

The UNICEF report issued June 8 says the two ailments kill more than 2 million children each year and account for more than one-fourth of all deaths of children under the age of 5.

Poverty is a major factor in the spread of both diseases, with Pakistan, India, and several countries in sub-Saharan Africa making up the worst-hit nations.

The UNICEF report says nearly 90 percent of all deaths are due to unsafe water and poor hygiene.

It says even simple steps like hand-washing with soap and water can dramatically reduce the incidence of both pneumonia and diarrhea in children.
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