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U.S. Suspends Afghan Airline Ban

Kam Air (file photo)
The U.S. military has suspended its decision to blacklist Afghanistan's largest private airline.

The move comes after the Afghan government agreed to conduct its own investigation into claims that Kam Air was being used for drug smuggling.

A U.S. military statement released on February 4 said the airline would be allowed to continue working on U.S. military contracts during the Afghan investigation.

The U.S. military said it would support the Afghan government investigation by providing information on the drug-trafficking claims.

It said it would consider what steps should be taken after the Afghan government completes its investigation.

The U.S. banned the airline from its list of potential military contractors last month, saying it was smuggling opium.

The airline rejected the allegations. The Afghan government demanded proof of drug trafficking.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and "The New York Times"