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Iran Plays Down Significance Of New Nuclear Revelations

1 June 2004 -- Iran's national security chief Hassan Rowhani has downplayed new revelations about the Islamic Republic's nuclear activities.

The UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in a recent report said Iran admits to importing technology capable of making bomb-grade uranium. Iran previously said that it made that technology itself.

Rowhani today said that the whole issue is "being sorted out" and that the new IAEA report shows that there are no more important issues on the matter to be disclosed.

"Iran's nuclear case is on the way to being sorted out and there are no more important issues remaining in this case," Rowhani said. "Most of the issues at hand have been resolved or are about to be resolved."

Rowhani also said UN inspections to determine whether Iran is seeking nuclear arms are nearing an end.

Meanwhile, Washington accused Tehran of engaging in "denial and deception" concerning its nuclear history.