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UN Nuclear Agency Official Critical Of Iran Cooperation

2 March 2005 -- An official of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency says Iran has refused to cooperate in some areas with UN experts investigating possible atomic weapons work in the Islamic Republic.

Pierre Goldschmidt, a deputy chief of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, told the agency's board of governors in Vienna yesterday that Iranian officials refused to let UN inspectors make a follow-up visit to the Parchin military complex after an initial visit in January.

Iran has denied carrying out any nuclear-related work at the site, and notes that it was not obligated to allow inspectors access to the complex.

Goldschmidt said Iran has declined to answer questions about the use of dual-use materials at the now dismantled Lavizan site in Tehran. He said Iran continues to build a heavy water reactor that can produce plutonium in Arak, despite agency requests to cease construction. He also cited Iranian delays in informing the agency of tunnels being built at a uranium conversion facility in Isfahan where nuclear equipment can be stored.