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Afghan, U.S. Forces Kill 12 Suspected Taliban

12 April 2005 -- Afghan police said today that Afghan troops and U.S. warplanes killed 12 suspected Taliban guerrillas who failed in an attempt to kill a former Afghan army commander.

Militants fired two rockets at General Khial Baz's car as he traveled over a mountain pass toward Gardez, 100 kilometers
south of the capital Kabul yesterday. Both rockets missed and the general was not hurt.

Police chief Gul Suleyman Khel said that in response, U.S. helicopters ferried dozens of Afghan soldiers and police to
the area and they engaged a group of suspected militants with small arms.

Khel said that "12 of the enemy were killed," during six hours of fighting. He said no Afghan or U.S. soldiers were hurt.

Khel said the attackers appeared to be Taliban rebels, but provided no other details.