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IAEA Adopts Resolution On Iranian Nuclear Freeze

11 August 2005 -- The UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, today adopted a resolution expressing "serious concern" at Iran's resumption of uranium conversion.

The resolution demands that Iran halt all nuclear activities it resumed earlier this week.

IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming confirmed the passage of the resolution.

"The resolution on Iran was just adopted without a vote, by consensus," Fleming said. "So, full consensus. All 35 members of the board agreed to the language of the resolution text."

The resolution does not seek to refer the matter to the UN Security Council for possible economic sanctions.

Iran warned earlier that if the IAEA adopted the resolution the agreement Tehran reached with the European Union last November whereby Iran agreed to suspend uranium-enrichment activities would become void.

Mohammad Saidi, the deputy international affairs chief at Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, said today his country rejected the IAEA resolution, calling it unacceptable.

On 8 August, Iran announced it was restarting work at its Isfahan facility and yesterday said it had removed IAEA seals placed there by inspectors.


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