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Resumption Of Hussein Trial Delayed

(RFE/RL) 24 January 2006 -- The resumption of Saddam Hussein's trial, due today, has been postponed until 29 January.

A court spokesman, Raed Juhi, said the delay was because some witnesses were abroad.

He declined to say when the court had been informed of the problem.

The trial was due to resume with a new, interim presiding judge. Raouf Abdel Rahman replaces Rizgar Muhammad Amin, who resigned earlier this month following criticism of his handling of the trial.

Hussein and seven co-defendants face charges connected with the deaths of about 140 Shia after a failed 1982 assassination attempt in Al-Dujayl.


The Tragedy At Al-Dujayl

The Tragedy At Al-Dujayl

A protester in Baghdad carries a picture of a relative killed at Al-Dujayl (AFP file photo)


Former Iraqi dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN and seven of his associates went on trial on October 19, 2005, on charges of crimes against humanity for the regime's role in the deaths of 148 residents from the town of Al-Dujayl, and the imprisonment of 1,500 others following a botched assassination attempt against Hussein there on July 8, 1982. Following the arrests and deportations, the regime leveled the town... (more)

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