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Russia Denies Plans For Gas Cartel

Russian Security Council head Igor Ivanov (file photo) (epa) January 31, 2007 -- The head of Russia's Security Council says Russia is not planning an OPEC-style gas exporting group.

But Igor Ivanov said on January 30 that Moscow would continue to hold "active talks" with other gas producers to coordinate policies.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on January 28 suggested Russia and Iran create the gas equivalent of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Speculations that Russia might seek to form such a group have alarmed the West.

Russian officials have repeatedly denied these claims.

(Reuters, AP)

Prague Energy Forum, October 23-24

Prague Energy Forum, October 23-24

An oil refinery in Western Siberia (TASS)

STABILITY AND SECURITY: On October 23-24, RFE/RL and the Warsaw-based Economic forum cosponsored the Prague Energy Forum at RFE/RL's Prague broadcasting center. The Energy Forum brought together nearly 100 experts and policymakers from Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East to discuss key issues of energy supply and security in the years to come.

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