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Russia Ready To Upgrade Azerbaijani Radar

Russia's radar station at Qabala (Gabala) (RFE/RL) June 30, 2007 - Russia says it is ready to upgrade its antimissile radar in Azerbaijan as part of a joint security measure with the United States.

Major General Aleksandr Yakushin, first deputy head of Russia's space forces headquarters, said today that "the station can be modernized any time."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered the United States use of the radar as an alternative to Washington's plans to install a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

U.S. President George W. Bush is meeting with Putin at his family estate in Kennebunkport on July 1-2.


Missile Defense: Not In My Backyard?

Missile Defense: Not In My Backyard?

AN RFE/RL VIDEO PRESENTATION: The Czech Republic responds to the U.S. missile-defense proposal.