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Denmark Suspends Train Service With Germany Amid Migrant Rush

Danish railways has indefinitely canceled all trains travelling to and from Germany as hundreds of migrants head to Denmark in an effort to seek asylum in Sweden.

The move comes after Danish police suspended train service earlier on September 9 when hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees refused to cooperate with officials and exit trains at a busy ferry crossing from Germany so they could be registered.

Several hundred other asylum seekers marched on a highway on their way toward Sweden, which is more generous toward refugees than Denmark.

The refugees fear that if they are registered in Denmark they will be unable to go to Sweden.

Germany and Sweden are the top destinations for refugees and economic migrants seeking asylum in Europe.

The Danish parliament last week voted to cut welfare benefits to newly arrived refugees as part of the government's bid to make Denmark less attractive for asylum seekers.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe this year, causing great disagreement among EU members about where they should be registered and housed.

Based on reporting by dpa and AFP