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Rohani Speaks Up For Women's Rights

Iranian President Hasan Rohani
Iranian President Hasan Rohani has admitted women in his country still face "gender injustice."

In a speech on April 20 at the National Forum on Women Shaping Economy and Culture to mark Iran's "Women's Day,"

"There are still women who are suffering from and even afraid of men's unjust behavior and this era must end," Rohani said. "I, as the head of the government, confess there are still so many deficiencies with regards to the vindication of women's rights."

"Based on the Islamic criteria, we neither consider men as the first sex nor the women as the second sex ... they both have the same human dignity and none is superior," he added. "Today our women are engaged like men in all spheres, respectfully and with dignity and chastity," Rohani added.
Based on reporting by IRNA and AFP