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Deadly Rocket Attack On Pakistani Train

Officials say unidentified attackers have killed two people and wounded 24 in a gun and rocket attack on a passenger train in southwest Pakistan.

The August 16 attack occurred some 35 kilometers southeast of Quetta, the main town of Balochistan Province, which is mired in separatist, Islamist, and sectarian violence.

The attack came days after gunmen shot dead 14 people, including three security officials, in Balochistan.

Ethnic Baluch rebels have been fighting since 2004 for autonomy and a greater share of profits from the region's oil, natural gas, and mineral resources.

Balochistan is also a flashpoint for surging sectarian violence between Pakistan's majority Sunnis and Shi'a, who account for around 20 percent of the country's 180 million people.

Based on reporting by APF and dpa