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Supply Craft Finally Docks At ISS


After three failed attempts to deliver supplies to the International Space Station in the last year, a Russian Progress spacecraft loaded with 2.4 tons of food, water, oxygen, fuel, and scientific instruments has successfully docked with the orbiting station.

It marks the first successful rendezvous with the space station since April, and follows the spectacular failure of three previous cargo missions, including the explosion shortly after liftoff of a SpaceX rocket headed to the space station last weekend.

In April, a previous Progress craft went out of control and eventually burned up with its 2.5 tons of cargo in the Earth's atmosphere. An October 2014 resupply mission failed shortly after liftoff.

The current mission is carrying more food than previous ones. Standard rations include canned fish and meat, fresh apples, tomatoes, oranges, onions, and garlic as well as confections.

"We've always assumed we would lose a vehicle every so often," said NASA manager Michael Suffredin. "Having three this close together is not what we'd hoped for."

Based on reporting by TASS and CNN