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Siberian Blogger Charged With Inciting Hatred Over Pro-Navalny Video

Opposition blogger and activist Mikhail Alfyorov was fined twice last year for using anti-Putin slogans and insulting police. (file photo)

Mikhail Alfyorov, an opposition blogger in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, has been charged with inciting hatred and discord over his video about the arrest of opposition politician Aleksei Navalny in Moscow on his arrival from Germany in January.

On July 11, Alfyorov's mother, Lyudmila Alfyorova, told the OVD-Info group that monitors arrests and trials of rights defenders and opposition activists that her son was detained on July 5 and spent four days in pretrial detention.

On July 9, a court in Kemerovo transferred the blogger to house arrest until September 1.

Alfyorov, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was fined twice last year for using anti-Putin slogans and insulting police.

His video about Navalny's arrest was placed online on January 19, two days after Navalny was apprehended at a Moscow airport on his return to Russia from Germany, where he received life-saving treatment for a poisoning attack in Siberia in August.

Navalny blames the poisoning with a Soviet-style chemical nerve agent on Putin and Russia's security services. The Kremlin has denied any role in the poisoning.

In February, a Moscow court ruled that, while in Germany, Navalny had violated the terms of parole from an old embezzlement case that is widely considered to be politically motivated. He is currently serving a 2 1/2 year sentence at a prison in the Vladimir region.

Navalny's incarceration sparked numerous protests across Russia which were violently dispersed by police.