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Deadline Passes For Terms Set By U.S. Journalist's Kidnappers

Journalist Jill Carroll (file photo) (epa) 27 September 2006 -- Iraqi police say they have stepped up their search for kidnapped American journalist Jill Carroll -- even conducting some raids -- but have reported no new developments.

Carroll's captors have said they would kill her if the United States did not meet their demands by 26 February. The kidnappers are from a group calling itself the Revenge Brigades. They have publicly demanded the release all female prisoners in Iraq.

Carroll is a 28-year-old freelance journalist who was working on an assignment for "The Christian Science Monitor" newspaper when she was kidnapped on 7 January in Baghdad.

She was last seen in a videotape broadcast on 9 February by the private Kuwaiti television station Al-R'ay.

Al-R'ay's owner Jassem Boudai says the kidnappers provided more specific conditions for Carroll's release. But he has refused to reveal those conditions.

(AP, Reuters, AFP)