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Putin Says Compromise Still Possible On Missile Defense

Russia has proposed Azerbaijan's Qabala radar station as an alternative site (epa) September 10, 2007 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin says it is still possible to reach a compromise with the United States over Washington's plans to locate parts of a missile-defense shield in Europe.

Speaking during a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Putin said, "We have not lost all chances yet."

Putin said the standoff over the issue can be addressed "with confrontation and by rattling weapons, [or] we can threaten each other. But it is also possible to seek compromises and reach agreement. We would prefer the latter."

Moscow is opposed to U.S. plans to put missile interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic, saying the plans are a threat to Russia's security.

Washington says the shield is meant to defend against potential attacks from states such as Iran.

(ITAR-TASS, Interfax, Reuters)

Missile Defense: Not In My Backyard?

Missile Defense: Not In My Backyard?

AN RFE/RL VIDEO PRESENTATION: The Czech Republic responds to the U.S. missile-defense proposal.