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Blast Kills Eight In Pakistan's Khyber Agency


Medics tend to a boy, who was injured in the bombing
A bomb explosion killed at least eight people and injured 15 others in a remote village in Pakistan's Khyber Tribal Agency on July 16, RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal reports.

The bomb was planted in a shop in the Mehraban village, an area where activists of two armed groups -- Lashkar-e Islam and Ansarul Islam -- are struggling for control.

Rehan Gul Khattak, the assistant political agent of the Jamrud subdivision in the Khyber Agency, told Radio Mashaal that the bomb was planted in a shop at a popular market.

Malak Ikramullah Jan Kookikhel, the Kookikhel tribe elder in Khyber Agency, said the political administration had failed to ensure security in the area.

"It is regretful that the Pakistani government has collected billions of dollars in the name of tribal people," Jan Kookikhel said. "The amount was either pocketed by the governor's house, the governor's office, or the political administration. Our political administration is involved in corruption and they never focused on the development of the tribal areas or peace for the tribal people."

Locals said people from far-off villages visit the market every Friday to buy daily essentials. The two militant groups are battling for control of the village, but a "peace jirga" from the Kookikhel tribe is not allowing them to enter the area.

Earlier, a massive explosion against "peace jirga" members killed more than 106 people in the Mohmand Tribal Agency.