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Iran's Parliament Warns Against Russian Missile-Shield Proposal

Iran's parliament (file photo) (Fars) June 10, 2007 -- The Iranian parliament today called on its government to "harshly react" to a Russian proposal on the placement in Azerbaijan of a key component in a joint U.S.-Russian antimissile radar system.

A parliament spokesman, Kazem Jalali, said Iran should not be a "tool" for settling disputes between world powers.

Russia's offer is an alternative to a U.S. plan to build a radar in the Czech Republic.

Washington has said the radar is needed as part of a shield against "rogue" threats, including Iran.

But Moscow, apparently fearing it is the real target, has expressed opposition to the U.S. plan.

U.S. President George W. Bush has spent considerable time during his current European tour trying to persuade European publics -- and Russia -- that the planned missile-defense system is a good idea.


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